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Why Natural Playgrounds

Bienenstock Playgrounds are the best option, not an alternative. For every project we take on, we consider the driving forces behind building the playground, budget and the overall needs of the community.

Every Bienenstock Natural Playground is at the forefront of design and meets every safety standard. Our long-standing history in the industry gives us a level of expertise that goes beyond playground design.

Bienenstock is a full service design/build natural playground company. All of our green spaces and components are compliant with the CSA, ASTM and ANSIstandards for playgrounds.

As leaders in natural playground design and playground construction we deliver a unique and superior experience from start to finish.

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Supporting health, education and the environment.
Built using natural materials and components taken directly from nature, a Bienenstock Playground is the playground re-imagined. The product of an experienced team of designers, educators, architects and planners engaging with community members to develop playgrounds that reconnect children with nature in the environment where they play.

Lucas has Leukemia

I send this post with a heavy heart but with a hint of hope. Mark Edward is our primary craftsman, builder, artist and trainer at Bienenstock. We have been working together for 8 years. He has probably built more natural playgrounds from the ground up than anyone in the world. All of you who have met him know that he is an amazing person who cares deeply for children and their connection to nature. His son Lucas was diagnosed with Leukemia 7 months ago and he has been on paid leave, on and off, ever since. Two weeks ago we learned that Lucas' treatment has not worked. He needs a bone marrow transplant and there will be no donor available in time. Luke's best chance for survival is a special treatment available only at St. Jude's in Memphis, Tennessee. Mark and his family moved there last week. We are raising money for their expenses at www.lucascare.com. Bienenstock and our employees have raised the first $7000. We need your help.

Our hope is to raise enough to cover their living expenses for the six months of daily treatment that Lucas requires. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is amazing and has agreed to cover the costs of treatment. This leaves us with as much as a $100,000 shortfall for their expenses in the US. Anything extra that we raise through www.Lucascare.com will go to help support more families that are fighting infant Leukemia.

Forward this post to others, spread the word, donate blood (Luke has had more than 20 blood transfusions in 7 months), register for the bone marrow bank, or help with whatever you can spare at www.lucascare.com.

Call us if you have any ideas for fundraising or awareness campaigns for infant Leukemia: call 1-800-306-3319

Warmest Regards,

Adam Bienenstock & The Bienenstock Team

"If you care about your children’s safety, mental health, physical development, community engagement, and the future sustainability of our planet - natural playgrounds are the most important and intelligent choice you can make. Is there Art, Music, and Nature in your playground?"
~Adam Bienenstock, MBA
CEO & Founder

"The separation of children from nature is one of the greatest and least appreciated crises of our time. Through his transformative natural playgrounds, Adam Bienenstock has become one of the world leaders in reconnecting children with nature."
~Scott D. Sampson, Ph.D.
Paleontologist and Science Communicator - Host of the PBS Kids Television Series "Dinosaur Train" with over 9 Million monthly viewers.