The basic philosophy behind Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds is to reconnect children and communities with nature on a day-to-day basis. Wherever and whenever children play, we want to help them have a direct connection to their environment.

We've found that by reconnecting our children with nature, we support the full child and create opportunities for all children. Gross motor skills and fine motor skills are engaged, cognitive skills develop, attention spans increase, school grades rise, absenteeism decreases, creativity flourishes and collaborative play and learning grow.

Hill slides, fallen logs, natural rock, reclaimed wood and rolling hills all come together to provide a natural alternative to steel and plastic play structures. By fostering open-ended play in a natural environment, these playgrounds develop creativity and a sense of wonder with our natural environment.

Community Builds are an important part of this mission – by bringing community members, sponsors, volunteers and municipalities together, these events draw a lot of public attention and energy to the work we do. By engaging the community directly in the process of developing and installing our playgrounds, the community can claim a larger sense of ownership, a deeper sense of involvement, and a renewed commitment to not only their community, but their natural environment as well. It is our goal to not only transform playgrounds, but to help our participants and community members grow and learn as well.  

For more information, consult the Community Build Guidebook.

If you have any questions, contact us at 1-800-306-3319.

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natural playgrounds

natural playgrounds

natural playgrounds