We are able to provide consulting services to Municipalities, Landscape Architects and Early Childhood professionals. We offer keynote presentations, help with CSA Compliance and your designs, and strategic planning for your space.

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At Bienenstock, we’ve been able to assist organizations and individuals to achieve their goals of establishing and programming their greenspace. Our diverse team can help you and your group get the funding and approvals that you will require for your natural playground, organize a community build or provide opportunities for your group to efficiently invest in natural playgrounds and greenspace.

Bienenstock have worked with corporations, federal, provincial and municipal governments, unionized labour forces, hospital, zoos, community groups and conservation authorities across Canada. We create the environment for your project to succeed by removing the barriers and providing the strategic support for your group.

For corporations, we act as their guides through the complex regulatory process of working with public institutions. With the onset of ISO 26000, we offer a full range of services for corporate social responsibility charters and compliance strategies. Bienenstock can also prepare joint communications and marketing plans with our corporate partners to ensure we can tell the story of connecting children to nature to their specific demographic.

For public instititions, we have vast experience with operations, maintenance, regulatory compliance and funding models for natural playgrounds and greenspace. We have helped municipalities establish urban planning and design standards and enforcement mechanisms. Our experience with CAN/CSA Z614-07, AODA, ANSI, ASTM, MBC, DNA and Municipal Health and Safety codes enables us to offer public instituations strategic advice and technical support critical to the success of your projects.