Not every project can afford a full and comprehensive design consultation so we have created a number of different service options to meet the unique needs of your budget, organisation and project. Spend a day with a designer to receive a basic plan and your choice of in-service training for your team (designer in-service). From a full color concept for presentations and fundraising (presentation package), a package of drawings and specifications for the construction of your space (construction drawings package), or tender ready documents for organizations that want a project that can be put out to tender (Tender Package), we have a design process to meet your needs. All of these design processes involve our facilitative process and photo realistic 3D modelling for your group to fully understand and buy into the plan.

Need a design but can’t afford the full process? Try becoming a centre of excellence for connecting kids to nature while hosting a one or two day “Bringing Nature to Life Workshop”. Your facility will receive a Bienenstock design as an outcome of the workshop.