Natural Playgrounds vs. Play Structures

Natural Playgrounds and Playscapes

Playscapes are Natural Playgrounds. They are designed with the intent to bring children back to nature using: fallen logs, tree stumps for seating, vertical logs for forts, slides embedded in the side of hills etc... Playscapes and Natural Playgrounds offer a wide range of open ended play options for children while remaining safe.

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Benefits of Natural Playgrounds

Standard Play Structures

Playgrounds are commonly associated with children's area's occupied by a play structure. Structures offer very little in terms of imaginative, open-ended play. Play structures are a way of prescribing and standardizing play for children.

All children's playgrounds are CSA compliant and are constructed by qualified professional installation teams.

Customize your natural playscape to meet your children's needs:
  1. age
  2. ability
  3. interests
  4. developmental needs

  5. All playgrounds are constructed out of environmentally friendly materials.

    It is important to consider:
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    All playgrounds are designed to eliminate fall heights.

    Adam Bienenstock's team is comprised of ECE teachers, Kinesiologists, and Children's Playground Designers.

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    The Benefits of Natural Playgrounds

    This document summarizes the benefits of Natural Playgrounds.

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    Making the Case for Natural Playgrounds

    This article is written by Adam Bienenstock.
    "Although natural playgrounds are still intuitive to experiential educators, now they are backed by an ever growing body of evidence that connects healthy child development to their exposure to nature."

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