Connecting Children to Nature

March 8, 2013 
Seneca College 

Bringing Nature to Life

March 19-21, 2013 
Canada Blooms, Direct Energy Centre in Toronto 

Quick & Dirty; Extending Curriculum Outside

April 13, 2013 Early Learning and Child Care Conference 2013, Peterborough, ON 

If I had a Hammer; Woodworking at your Centre

May 23-24, 2013 
Places of Natural Discovery (P.O.N.D), Humber College 

Bringing Nature to Life; Creating a Natural Playground Design

May 23-24,2013 
Manitoba Childcare Association 

Bringing Nature to Life

November 2013 
NAEYC Washington DC 

Past Engagements

Connecting Kids to Nature

January 2012 
Chicago AEYC 

Nurture in Nature

November 2012 
Child Space New Zealand 
Nurture in Nature

Bringing Nature To Life Outdoor Curriculum Training

October 2012 
First Foundations 

Bringing Nature to Life

April 2012
Inspire Conference, Sault Ste. Marie

Connecting Kids to Nature

May 2012
Manitoba Childcare Association

Connecting Kids to Nature

January 2012
Chicago AEYC

Connecting Kids to Nature

November 2011
NAEYC, Orlando, Florida

Connecting Children to Nature - Little Lions Waldorf

June 9-10 2011
*Little Lions Waldorf

Bring Nature to Life - Toronto Child and Family Services

May 31st 2011 6-9pm
*Toronto Child and Family Services
Bring Nature to Life ~ 3 hour workshop discussing connecting children to nature when and where they play. What is a natural playground? Why is it important? Ideas for outdoor programming and hands on activities to take back to your centre.

AECEO Ottawa Chapter - Full Day Bringing Nature to Life Workshop

May 12, 2011
*AECEO Ottawa Chapter

Umbrella 2011 Annual Conference

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Download the conference registration guide here.

Jill Bienenstock will be leading a workshop in this conference.

Connecting Kids to Nature

November 2010
NAEYC, Anaheim, California

Connecting Kids to Nature

October 2009
Toronto Botanical Gardens, Toronto, Ontario