Winter Is Just Around The Corner: Let It Snow!

Written by
Adam Bienenstock
November 7, 2018

Winter Is Just Around The Corner: Let It Snow!

Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds is proud to present professional development programs for early childhood educators to take advantage of winter as a teaching tool.

Winter is a perfect time to use what Mother Nature has so generously provided: cold weather, snow, and ice as provocations that encourage child-led play and learning.

Early childhood educators can take advantage of the icy temperatures to develop programming about melting and freezing concepts, create ice art and castles, make shelters from discarded Christmas trees, and discover how our furry and feathered friends make it all work.  

Other winter activities include learning to tap trees, making simple bird feeders, and blowing ice bubbles.

Through Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds' training programs, participants step out of their comfort zones and enjoy the learning opportunities available in nature during the winter.

Participants should be prepared to go outside, and remember the Scandinavian saying, “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.”

Discarded Christmas trees are a valuable loose part that stay green all winter long.

About Our Mentorship Training

To provide coaching in context, our team is available to deliver mentorship training at child-care centers with both staff and children. Training is available for a full day, or through two-hour winter workshops.

Both styles offer winter programming ideas, as well as simple solutions to the challenges the colder weather may present educators.

Creating ice art is one of many winter activities to engage children in outdoor play.

Two-Hour Winter Workshops

Delivered outside of working hours, these workshops focus on the following learning outcomes:

  • Taking advantage of the loose parts only found in the winter, and setting up outdoor provocations.
  • Providing activities that support heavy-work opportunities and movement to support warmth and fun during the chilly weather.
  • Making outdoor winter curriculum comfortable, fun, and successful by dressing appropriately for the weather.
  • Identifying barriers that winter may present, and successfully overcoming them to enjoy outdoor learning in all seasons.
  • Learning how to tap trees.

For details about our winter workshops, or to book a session, get in touch with us today! Call 1-800-306-3319 ext. 170, or email our Education Director Jill Bienenstock.

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